Trying Alexandrea’s Collection

Léelo en español

Hi everyone and happy Friday! ❤ Today I wanted to show you some pieces of the Peruvian jewellery store Alexandrea. I know this brand for some years and I like its variety of pieces. They have something for every occasion. Now I’m going to show you some of the pieces that have just arrived to the store.

First, we have this necklace and earrings set with brown hues. The key element is a marble acrylic piece combined with wooden beads of similar colours. This set is one of my favourite because you can wear the earrings for any occasion and the necklace looks perfect with a white blouse for a more elegant touch in your outfit.

The second item is a necklace with a floral design. It’s made of tulle and acrylic flowers combined with pearls, crystals and golden accents. This necklace looks good with more casual outfits and you can combine it with a denim jacket. However, if you want a more formal outfit, you can wear it with a blazer. This kind of necklaces give your outfit a romantic and special style.

Today’s last item are a pom pom earrings of cascade style with tassels at the end. This kind of earrings are getting popular and come in different sizes and forms. This earrings look good with summer outfits and you can wear them with dresses or tops, so the earrings are the center piece of the outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this models and if you want to know more about Alexandrea, you can look for the store in Facebook o click here:
You can also ask for the showrooms to see more models.

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