3 Ways to Wear Cowboy Boots

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Hi all! I can’t believe it’s Friday again! I hope your work week was as short as mine and that you’re enjoying the long weekend. For me, it would be the perfect time to rest and start a new week feeling renewed.

The weather is finally changing here in Peru and almost every day is cold. I love this weather because it gives me the chance to be creative with my outfits and the new pieces of the season.

Since I’m a shoeholic, today I wanted to show you three ways in which you can combine cowbow boots. These are the first pair of cowboy boots I own and I just couldn’t resist myself when I saw them of the store. I found these boots in Dolls Kill and you can see my outfits options below.

1. Wear them with jeans

Jeans are a basic piece that goes with everything. You can wear these kind of boots with any kind of jeans, but I prefer some loose jeans because it gives you a lay back, but chic look. You can match the jeans with a chunky sweater of a solid color if you are wearing boots like mine, with prints and a vibrant colour. If you need something else to keep yourself warm, you can wear a long coat. I’d wear this outfit with a camel coat or a teddy coat or a similar colour.

Outfit details: Boyfriend jeans from Romwe and handmade sweater.

2. Wear them with dresses

Another piece that looks good with these kind of boots are casual dresses. For this outfit I’m wearing a casual A-line dress, but another type of dress that looks good with these boots are ruffle dresses because they’re cozy for cold the weather and because they’ll give you a romantic aura. I’m also wearing a denim jacket to match this casual style, but you an also wear an oversized blazer to upgrade the outfit a bit.

Outfit details: Vintage denim jacket and dress from Kidsmadehere.

3. Wear them with Skirts

Skirts are one of my favourites because they’re very versatile. My choice for cowboy boots are pencil skirts because they look good on every body type. I matched them with another chunky sweater, but you can also wear a nice button up blouse (my tip is to wear it with layers of necklaces). If you want to keep yourself warm, you can opt for a blazer o even a leather jacket. You can also switch the A-line skirt for a midi one if the weather gets colder.

Outfit details: Sweater from H&M and vinyl skirt from Asos.

I’m glad that I bought this boots because they’re very comfortable and I can wear them with several styles. I’ll keep looking to see if I can get another cool pair, maybe of a more neutral colour next time. 😉

I hope you liked my tips for these type of boots and that you dare to try these styles. If you know of more places that sell cool boots like these ones, let me know in the comments. And if you wan to know more about me, follow me on Instagram because I post pictures every day. Have a lovely weekend!

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