Tea Time at Pani

Léelo en español

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great long weekend and if you had to work on Monday, a good start of your work weekend. We had a hectic Sunday here in Peru due to the earthquake, but thankfully we are all fine and we just had a big fright.

Today I wanted to tell you about a new place I visited on Sunday for tea time. It’s a restaurat called Pani and it’s located in Miraflores. I’ve been meaning to go for some months and I finally found the time. The place is nicely decorated and they offer from breakfast food to pasta and sandwiches. I ordered the Waffles buffet and I have to say that those were one of the best waffles I’ve tried so far.

Speaking of the ambience again, the restaurant has a vintage vibe with a palette that mixes greens and pinks along with plants all over the place,which I loved because it gave me the sensation that I was at home.

For that occasion, I decided to stick to a fall colours palette and wear an ochre A-line dress with over the knee black boots and a matching brown coat. For accessories I decided to match my animal print bag and belt to add some textures to the outfit.

I’m glad I decided to wear a long sleeve dress because it got really cold in a matter of hours! I guess that due to all the natural phenomena, the weather is acting crazy lately. My tip for these kind of situations is try to wear various layers, so you’re prepared for any change.

2019-05-27 05.02.34 1.jpg

I really enjoyed going to Pani and I hope that if you’re in Miraflores you check this restaurant because it’s a really nice place to eat and have a good time. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to know more about me and let me know which are your favourite places to have brunch or a tea time. Have a lovely week you all! ❤

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