Tips to Take Care of your Handhags

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Hello dears! Hope you’re keeping yourselves warm in these cold days. Remember that even though we may see sun light, it doesn’t mean it will be a warm day, so be prepared.

Today I want to give you some tips for taking care of your handbags. It doesn’t matter the kind of bags you have, if you want it to last, it’s very important that you invest some time in them and avoid some things to protect them. Here are some things I do in order to do so.

Use a dust bag

One of the basics for taking good care of handbags is to keep them in dust bags to protect them from dirt and from getting any scratch. In case your handbag doesn’t come with a dust bag, you can keep them in any closed linen bag or even a plastic bag.

Use air puffs

The second most important tip for maintenance is to keep your unused bag with any kind of stuffing to keep the original shape of it. If you forget to stuff them, they may flatten and they might not be the same again. Every time I buy online, I keep the plastic air puffs that protect the package to use them with my handbags.

Clean the exterior properly

Remember to clean the exterior regularly. You can use a dry cloth wipe for any dust or baby wipes for any stain you want to take off, but remember not to rub to hard because you might damage the material. After you clean it, let it dry and put the handbag back in its dust bag.

In the case of real leather, sometimes you can find special products in the stores where you buy the bags.

Don’t forget the interior

In the same way you clean the exterior, you should clean the interior. Try using a lint roller or scotch tape for places that are hard to get. In case you need to clean a stain, turn the bag inside out and gently use a stain remover. Remember to rinse it with a spritz of water to avoid soaking the exterior.

Don’t hang them for too long

Avoid hanging the bags for too long because you will damage the handles. Keep them in their dust bags and store them properly to maintain the shape and avoid any damage of the materials.

Protect the interior

When you are wearing big handbags where you keep loads of stuff, like makeup, remember to keep it in a separate pouch to avoid any accidents or stains.

Keep them away from liquids

Last but not least, avoid the contact with liquids such as perfume or rain because they will damage the materials in the long term.

I always take good care of my bags because those are items that can last a lifetime if you take care of them properly. For that reason, I really hope that you find these tips useful and please let me know if you have more tips. Lastly, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram if you want to know more about me and don’t forget to have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Tips to Take Care of your Handhags

  1. And if I may add, avoid using alcohol or alcohol-based products to clean purses or handbags that are made of nylon. Like what I would normally do with my Longchamps, I stick to just cleaning them with water; warm water for tougher stains.
    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. Now, I almost forgot that my bags are hanging for a long period of time already!


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