My first time buying at Revolve

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Happy Saturday! If you are in Peru, I hope you are enjoying the long weekend thanks for the Pan American games and the Independence Day. Unfortunately, I have to work normally, but at least today is Saturday. 🙂

Since I work from home, I don’t have enough time to go to the mall to shop, that’s why I like finding new websites to buy everything I need. Today, I want to tell you about my experience buying at Revolve for the first time. I heard a lot about this Californian online store, but I just had the chance to shop here.

Outfit details: Boots from Dr. Martens, pants from Elle, sweater from TopiTop, belt from Jessica Butrich, mini bag from Kate Spade and sunglasses from Balenciaga.

It seems that winter will be longer this year, so I was looking for a comfortable pair of boots that could keep me warm and that I could wear in casual occasions. I like combat boots, but since I’m too used to wear heels, I started looking for a pair of boots that could meet these two things, and that’s how I found a pair of Dr. Martens at Revolve.

Kendra boots from Dr. Martens

Just like in other online stores, you have to create an account before making a purchase. What I liked about the website is that it’s very easy to navigate and that you can select different filters to find what you are looking for.

Regarding shipping times and costs, Revolve offers two methods. The first one is Postal Priority that takes 10-14 business days, while the other is Fedex Express which takes 3-6 business days (you’d have to pay an additional tax fee, in my case I was charged a 16%). Both methods costs just $10 if you spend less than $100.

I’m very happy with my purchase because I ordered the boots on Monday afternoon, and not also they were shipped on the same day, but they also arrived really quickly. In only 3 days! (I selected the Fedex Express shipping). I have no complaints about the packaging either, the shoe box was very well protected with air pillows to avoid any damage to the shoes.

Lastly, the boots are clearly made from a really good material and they’re very comfortable. I wore them yesterday and walked a lot, but I didn’t feel any pain. I think that the rubber sole has an important role in this because they make the boots feel lighter; therefore, you won’t get tired easily while wearing them.

This post came out longer than I expected, but I hope it makes you want to shop in this site. Revolve offers a huge variety of clothing, shoes and accessories, and they have really good discounts (which is what all of us love!). Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to get to know me more because I post pictures every day.

Have a lovely weekend! Xoxo

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